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Our Services

Our teams of researchers, consultants, experts and engineers are at your side to help you rethink your business processes, reinvent yourself by exploiting Data, and put Digital technologies at the service of your business models evolution. Our mission ? Make you more efficient by bringing you the best of our expertise. Our ambition? Make your organization benefit from the latest technological innovations while controlling risks. Umanis proposes several modes of interventions: from individual assignments in backup or support of your teams, to  fixed price commitments on your projects. We can also offer you a wide range of service-center based services, capitalizing on more than 10 years of outsourcing industrialization serving our customers. Whatever the kind of contract, our objective remains the same, create value quickly, with agility and flexibility.
Consulting, business and IT Umanis is organized in practices specialized around Data and Digital. Each practice allows the concentration of experts, specialized in various businesses, various sectors and in advanced techniques based on the latest breakthrough IT innovations, the major publishing technologies or GAFA. Our teams are dedicated to supporting your company from innovation incubation to operational transformation of corporate key functions such as marketing, HR and finance & control.
Integration and development Umanis is organized in solution poles around businesses and technological expertise. Each pole brings together business consultants, specialized IT engineers and project management. Their objective is to develop your projects in agile mode by proposing flexible, highly available and efficient solutions while optimizing your costs. Our project teams are also committed to leading you safely towards the cloud with plug and play business solutions or proven hybrid systems.
Industrialization and outsourcing Umanis is committed to the management of your application and system assets. Our teams are organized in expertise poles specialized in Infrastructure, Operations, Service Desk, TMA and TRA. Our certified service centers offer particularly competitive solutions with 24/7 quality service commitments. Our teams are dedicated to continuously improving the performance, availability and scalability of your systems so as to ensure their sustainability and enable them to meet the challenges of digital technologies and new business uses.