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Mission & Values

Since its creation 26 years ago, Umanis has remained faithful to the founding conviction of its President, that of producing high level services. Our one and only ambition is to make you become more efficient by bringing you the best of our expertise.


At Umanis, excellence is not a quest for perfection but the continuous search for the highest level of performance and quality we believe in, and are committed to. All company functions share the same desire to raise the bar and find the best ways to operate by being more efficient, innovative and creative. We remain focused on the added value of the projects we design for our customers and devise for our people, an added value we are very proud of. Our self-expectations are higher than our customer expectations. Excellence is not only a value, it is a discipline and a daily way of being.


At Umanis, responsibility gathers obligations we all have to fulfill, and which are aimed at making everyone accountable. Its objective is to meet customer expectations and guarantee the achievement of set goals. Our responsibility may also find expression in our courage to make decisions and assume responsibility for them, especially for difficult ones. It also means accepting and analyzing individual and collective counter-performance, and communicating with transparency on these lessons learnt. It is not only our responsibility to show exemplary behavior but also to know how to sanction behaviors that aren’t compliant with company values. Responsibility is an individual and collective duty. It is the basis of every trust relationship, essential to the life of the company and the mastery of its destiny.



Umanis owes its name to the humanist values which are at its roots and which still inspire it today. We respect people, whether they be co-workers, clients or partners. The human is at the heart of our activity and our « raison d'être ». We believe that consideration, active listening, diversity and the sum of our differences make up our wealth and participate in our strength of innovation. Our engagements (signature of the Diversity Charter, the UN Global Compact, ISO 14001, etc.) and our individual behaviors strive to put this value into practice day after day.


At Umanis, we are intransigent ... on « savoir-vivre »! This daily mindset encourages initiatives aiming at more sharing and better living together. Conviviality is an attitude that begins with smiles, politeness, kindness and courtesy. We regularly meet to celebrate our victories as well as our our small successes. We have set up actions that strengthen the bonds between us (Umanis Thursdays, Umanews, blog, USport, corporate social network, ...)we share sports events with USport (Challenge against hunger, races , 5-a-side soccer, etc.). We care about individual and collective well-being. Umanis is a company employees enjoy working for.