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« Innovation is in the DNA of Umanis. Our strength lies in our capacity to design creative solutions, resulting from our research work and our active technological watch. Our R&D is decentralized, to achieve higher proximity and push our programs with our customers. » Patrice Darmon, Research and Development Director
R&D Umanis is four laboratories located in Paris, Lyon, Tours and Toulouse. The annual programs are defined within the framework of the company’s strategy and are the subject of a monthly steering committee led by the R&D management to ensure their alignment with the latest  technological advances and their consistency with the company offers. Business is necessarily « client-oriented » and needs to produce tangible results in terms of operational performance gains, profitability, end-customer satisfaction or market differentiation.

Umanis R&D strategy focuses on the fields of data sciencebig data, artificial intelligence and digital. The programs are supported by doctors in applied mathematics, computer science, statistical signal processing or machine learning, working closely with Umanis Consulting experts and Delivery managers in charge of projects. Our Data Labs capitalize on more than 25 years of Umanis expertise in data processing. Our latest R&D work involves the Internet of objects, the smartGrid and the field of advanced predictive analytics, particularly in the fight aginst money laundering, the spread of epidemics, property and casualty insurance, customer behavior, etc.



    • Our DataLabs are incubators of ideas whose aim is to transform them into R&D projects, then into Proof of Value (POV)

    • They are called on to design prototypes on emerging new technologies for our clients.

    • Their assignment is also to analyze publishers roadmaps  to develop common R&D programs.

    • They contribute to the Umanis after-work customer events, the « 5-to-7 ».

    • Projects with high potential are intended to be spun off into start-up subsidiaries who can rely on Umanis infrastructure while remaining agile.