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Above all, Umanis is a tightly-knit team of 2500 enthusiasts of new technologies at your service, at home, in your agencies, or from our onshore and nearshore service centers. Data, our historical core business, accounts for more than two thirds of our activity.

In a few words

Umanis is the French leader in Data, Business Solutions and Digital. Excellence, responsibility, respect and conviviality are the values that drive us every day. They are the foundation of our culture and the cement of our commitment to you for the success of your projects. And this has been going on for over 25 years.

1990 Founding of Europstat by Laurent Piepszownik, specialized in statistical analysis of data and thereupon quickly in decision-making tools

1993 Launch of the clinical research activity (CRO)

1994-1999 Growth in Data, the historical core expertise, launch of web activities and customer relationship management; thereupon, development on all information technologies

1998 Initial public offering (IPO)

2000 Renaming and birth of Umanis, founding of Call One (multichannel contact center)

2006 Founding of the first onshore service center in Tours

2007 Umanis refocuses on its historical core business: Business Intelligence (Data), Customer Relationship and Digital 2009-2010 Umanis invests in training and marketing, launches new offers on its core expertise and develops its business solutions

2009-2010 Umanis invests in training and marketing, launches new offers on its core expertise and develops its business solutions

2011-2015 Umanis is growing at an organic growth rate of around 8% per year. The company is opening new branches all over the country to complete its geographical network and offer even more proximity services. A nearshore Center is opened in Casablanca. To complete its offer, Umanis acquires Hélice, a Digital Services Company specialized in production and infrastructure engineering

2016 Umanis continues to develop strongly on its historical core expertise: Big Data, analytics, datascience, datavizualisation, machine learning ... In HR, marketing and finance, Umanis lists new start-ups and strengthens its catalog in cloud plug -and-play solutions. Helice merges with Umanis and brands are standardized: the CRO activity becomes Umanis Life Science, Call One has been renamed to Umanis Managed Services. In order to strengthen its historical positioning (Data, Digital, Business Solutions) and complete its Bancassurances (Bank insurances) offer, Umanis also announces the acquisition of the Digital Services Company Cella.

2017 Umanis has decided to focus on its core business and ends its IT equipment purchase and resale business via Umanis Computer. Umanis is acquiring Primlog to strengthen its expertise in the bank and insurance sector