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We are applying the solutions that have revolutionized the private sphere to a new efficiency of organizations, where nothing will ever be as it was

The digital enterprise brings together all the transformation projects that organizations must carry out internally to adapt to a world in which the "all digital", mobile and cloud have forever erased the constraints of distance and time. It is the very way of working and the processes on which it rests that are reinventing themselves, to become as many levers of savings and sources of innovation in the future. It is the speed of execution of your transformation which will no doubt make the difference with your competitors today, and even more with the new entrants of tomorrow who, for their part, will not have to bear the weight of their history.
Business Solutions "Zero mail" and co-working, community applications and sites of interest, knowledge sharing tools and information life-cycle management, blogs, participative digital workspaces, social networks, collaborative work, dematerialization of processes and documents, market-places, workflows and business process sharing, brand & data content, artificial intelligence associated with productivity, the securing and disintermediation of transactions through the blockchain
Consulting and Expertise Consulting in innovation, audit of existing uses and employee career paths, customer journey analysis and mapping, creation of disruptive digital experiences, facilitation of creativity and co-design workshop sessions, identification of target processes and transformation trajectory, support with the choice of solutions , graphic and ergonomic design, security and user management, dematerialization of business processes, integration and development of solutions (CSR, CMS, ECM, GED, KM, Search based applications), development of apps, data governance and inter-application communication , cloud hosting or hosting in private data-centers, e-commerce master plan, connected commerce
Catalogue Digital Workplace (Office 365, Google, Workplace by Facebook, Wrike, Jalios, eXo), RSE (Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Jalios, Workplace by Facebook, Jive), ECM (SharePoint, One Drive, Google), Mobility (Android, iOS, WindowsPhone, Cordova, Bootstrap...), Web (Drupal, Wordpress, SharePoint), RIA (javascript frameworks such as ExtJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Dojo, Rialto, etc. ; Google web toolkit, Canvas, Silverlight), business applications (HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET, J2EE, PHP, Symfony 3), Blockchain, Bot, DMP, SEO Framework, Pepper Soft local commerce.