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Data Science


We help you search the exponential mass of your data to find explanations that will make you more efficient and get to the point.

Datamining encompasses a set of methods and algorithms that allow computer tools to search large amounts of data to extract knowledge useful  for the company or the understanding of a phenomenon. While individuals continuously produce information of all kind on the web, and all types of sensors generate data streams (ndl IoT) in real time and while simultaneously data storing has never been so cheap, predictive technologies have become unavoidable. Anticipation, pro-activity, micro-segmentation and improved risk scoring require innovative approaches that rely on these technologies.

Business Solutions Behavioral analysis and customer knowledge, profiling, scoring, risk management and credit pre-authorization determination, fraud, sales forecasting, capacity planning, machine learning forecasting for online advertising, real time marketing or supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, pricing, text mining and real-time semantic analysis for social CRM or allocation of resources for consumer services, artificial intelligence, sequence mining in the health sector, etc.
Consulting and Expertise Business problems analysis, data preparation and data cleansing, predictive modeling and consulting in the selection of statistical calculation algorithms (detection of abnormal event, clustering, regression, classification, association, decision trees, neural networks,etc), testing of assumptions, assistance in the choice of platforms, specific development on advanced statistics with the main programming languages, interactive data visualization
Catalogue Languages (SAS, SQL, R, Python), owner or free platforms (SAS, Microsoft, SPSS/IBM, KXEN/SAP) , data bases