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Data Hub & Quality

Everything you need to make your data heritage more reliable and valuable

The relevance of your analyzes and the validity of your decisions depend on the quality of your data. We strive to ensure that every generated, consumed and shared data is impeccable, because it concerns the engagement of the whole company.

Data governance is a data lifecycle supervision and quality control body aiming at making its use for business lines and applications relevant and free from technical constraints. It encompasses best practices, methods, procedures and of course tools allowing data creation, collection, management, control and provision. While volumes are experiencing real inflation and we are beginning to tap new promising sources (IoT, open data, unstructured data, etc.) it is more than ever a major challenge for all companies to implement strategies that can improve data integrity, quality, consistency, accessibility and security.
Business Solutions Real-time analysis of machine data, risk management predictions and fraud detection , cyber security, behavior mining and fine analysis, hyper segmentation for a personalized storytelling experience, on the fly scoring and 360 ° customer vision, churn anticipation, real time marketing automation, trading and creation of real-time offers, optimization of logistics and maintenance operations for the industry, real-time pricing, health data... and all the other uses we daily invent together.
Consulting and Expertise Audit of your current BI solutions and master plan, consulting in the selection of technical architectures and IT solutions, POC, data governance (repositories, meta dictionary, DQM), design of the source collecting and data preparation hub, modeling, predictive analytics and data visualization, text mining, multi-screen output interfaces, optimized integration and deployment of your systems
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