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Big Data


You are sitting on a genuine treasure trove of information. We help you to better use it.  And it's a whole new world of business opportunities and a new form of intelligence that are opening up for you.

Big data refers to massive data and all the tools used to collect, search, store, analyze, share and restitute that data. Other than coping with the volume, the challenge lies in the ability to exploit the velocity ( data stream mining, real-time, intraday process, etc.) and the variety of megadata ("3V rule") because new data sources (raw data, semi-structured data, IoT, pictures, texts, etc.). both endogenous and exogenous (Open-data, logs, individual data, etc.) are getting addressed to the company .

Business Solutions Real-time analysis of machine data, risk management predictions and Internet-of-things, fraud detection, cyber security, behaviour exploration and fine analysis, hyper segmentation for a personalized and contextualized experience, recommandation engigne, hot scoring and 360 ° customer vision, churn anticipation, real Time marketing automation, trading and generation of real-time offers, optimization of logistics and maintenance operations for the industry, real-time pricing, data health ... and all the other uses we invent together daily.
Consulting and Expertise Audit of your current SID and master plan, consulting in the choice of technical architectures and in IT solutions, POC, data governance (golden record, meta dictionary, DQM), design of the hub for collecting sources and preparing data, modeling, predictive analytics and data visualization, text mining, multi-screen output interfaces, optimized integration and deployment of your systems, développement factory Big Data / Hadoop
Catalogue BDD noSQL and SAP appliances, Oracle, Microsoft, EMC, IBM, Hadoop framework, Informatica specialized bricks, SAS, R, Dataiku, (...), private storage or cloud, search engines (Elastiseach, Solr, Splunk).