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At Umanis, our mission is simple: free up time for your teams and reduce your costs, by outsourcing your standardized business processes and setting up innovative industrialized models that perfectly meet your challenges of volume and quality. Trust our experts! We can offer you a complete range of outsourcing solutions that capitalize on nearly 30 years of best practices and feedback. Accounting, recovery, payroll management, commercial prospecting, after-sales services, technical assistance on satisfaction survey ... but also clinical studies, Pharmacovigilance, Publishing or DMOS Transparency. Thanks to our three service centers in France (Near-Nearshore), Casablanca (NearShore) and Eastern Europe (Offshore), we also manage your infrastructures and your application systems while ensuring optimized, innovative, well equipped and monitored processes. Our strong commitment to you lies in efficiency gains, shared management metrics and transparency. We will help you benefit from the latest technological innovations (Chatbots, IA, RPA ...). Our culture of deep commitment and quality results ensures high value-added services in line with ITIL® best practices.

How can we best help you ?

Sales Administration
DEBT Collection
Cash Flow

Services Task details
Edition of Payslips
  • Change of contractual situation
  • Management of contract suspensions on Figgo and Sage
  • Leave management on Figgo and Sage
  • Control of interface files
  • EVP Processing
  • Management of restaurant vouchers
  • Control and Corrections
  • Carry out bank transfers (advance on salary, ATD, STC, salaries, …)
  • Edition of BP
  • Monthly Archives
Setting up and Affiliation of new entrants
  • Management of Affiliations to Funds
  • Entry of employee file on Figgo and Sage
Management of IJSS and IJ Funds
  • Provide IJSS sickness, maternity, paternity, AT, leave statements … by end of the month
  • Management of relationships with the CPAM for IJSS refunds(dunning )
  • Follow up of monthly IJSS collection
  • Enter and check IJSS on payslips
  • Calculation of usual accounting provisions
Statements of monthly closing of accounts
  • URSSAF (DSN) statements
  • Pension Fund statements (DSN)
  • Social Insurance statements (DSN)
  • Identification of Inconsistencies and Corrections
  • Send DSN Test
  • Monthly closing of salary pay
  • Provide necessary statements for the analysis of payment accounts
  • Justification of discrepancies on payment calculations
Occupational Health Care
  • Plan and follow up medical examinations (pre-recruitment medical examination, usual health check-up, reinstatement... …)
  • Quarterly half-yearly and yearly contribution statements with medical centers
  • Statement of annual manpower
Services Task details
Invoice processing
  • Control of subcontractor invoice compliance, Overhead costs and Capital assets
  • Accounting and follow up of validation workflow
  • Payment and clearing of suppliers accounts
  • Follow up of Prepayments
  • Follow up of unbilled payables
  • Integration and clearing of billing settlements
  • Preparation and follow up of scoping files
  • Analysis of FACTOR accounts
  • Update of FACTOR guarantees
  • Management of discounts requested by the treasurer
Cash management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Credit cards : Follow up of statements, accounting and clearing
  • Extracts of accounting entries and VAT calculation
  • VAT Return on tax portal
  • Accounting of VAT entry
Services Tasks details
Create employee files Remind and process inconsistencies in activity reports
  • Create files for internal and external staff
  • Integrate fixed and variables components of pay
  • Change of agency and /or of reporting line
  • Remind and check inputs of activity reports done by employees
  • Send inconsistencies to Sales department and Financial Control department
  • Submit and validate activity reports
Management of contracts and orders
  • Create new client
  • Create new facility
  • Create business
  • Assign employees
  • Create deadlines
  • Remind agencies about missing contrats
  • Integrate documents
  • Update client specification files
  • Check invoicing information upon receipt of client documents
  • Remind deadlines for fixed-rate contracts and issue invoices
  • Issue invoices for fixed-rate contracts
  • Issue invoices for man/day contracts
  • Issue invoices for travel expenses
  • Mileage allowance on EZ
  • Issue invoices for constraints and outside business hours
  • Issue invoices on client portal
  • Issue invoices by email
  • Issue invoices by post
  • Analysis and justification of credit notes
  • Issue credit notes
  • Process outstanding amounts with the Financial Control department
Validation of subcontractor invoices
  • Process Authorisations for payment
  • Remind Purchase/Resale inputs done by Project leaders for fixed rate contracts
  • Purchase/Resale inputs for man/day contracts
  • Reminder for missing contracts
  • Send emails in case of discrepancies
  • Fill the follow-up file of bocked/refused Authorisations for payment
  • Management of Subcontractor Invoice litigations
Service Task details
Management of Client Debt Collection
  • Check daily payment collection and search for details on payments received for transfer to the accounting department
  • Prepare client accounts statements and report to the Financial Control Department
  • Track non received payments
  • Debt collection from clients by email and telephone
  • Send account statements to clients
  • Reminders to sales managers ( contact requests, invoices blocked by ordering party, agreement requests for goodwill costs, reminder to clients with blocking litigations)
  • Handle rejected or blocked client invoices
  • Update client accounts on Altipilote
  • Reminders to the invoicing department to : return invoices that were not received by postal dispatch to client, issue credit notes requested by clients , litigation resolution...
  • Pepare and follow up letters of formal notice
Service Task details
Cash management
  • Reconciliation : Estimated / Completed
  • Cash concentration& Factor Funding Request
  • CCV Update
  • FDG Update
  • Daily monitoring of cheques issued
  • Settlement of SEPA files from the accounting or HR department with adjustment of cash forecast
  • Send cashflow for validation
  • Request for guarantee updates
  • Definancing - to be submitted to recovery / Justification of client non payment exceeding 60 days
  • Transfer of credit cards statements to the accounting department
  • Tracking table and preparation of monthly cash flow
  • Checking of implemented banking conditions
  • Checking of interest scales issued by banks and checking invoiced financial interests
  • Checking of calculations issued by factor and checking invoiced financial interests
  • Tracking monthly/yearly CASH IN CASH OUT
  • Drive banking flows in accordance with the specific advantages of each financial institution in compliance with the regulations fixed by the CFO (% distribution depending on banks and their engagements)
  • Prepare, validate and follow claims, contrats, amendments with the bank
  • Check & Pay Advance payments, salaries, STC, ATD, social contributions,…
  • CASH concentration& Factor Funding Request
Services Task details
  • DMOS : Hospitality agreements, Statements to Orders, Implementations
  • Transparency : aggregation of financial data, formatting and publication
  • Tool used : Client tool or Tucania partner solution...
Clinical studies (AMM, RTU, ATU)
  • Development, submission and follow-up of files to the competent authorities : phase II to IV and RTU studies
  • Organization, planning and regulatory support
  • Logistics and monitoring
  • Data Management
  • Statistics
  • Project management
  • Publishing of files in the eCTD format (Electronic Common Technical Document) NeeS (Non-eCTD electronic Submission), ASEAN CTD,CTD paper.
  • Submission to Europe through CESP
  • Writing of module 1 documents (Cover letter, Application form, Tracking tables, Copies des guidelines)
Medical writing
  • Production of scientific papers or articles for researchers, health professionals or the general public.
  • Protocols & informed consent forms (ICF)
  • Investigator Brochure (BI)
  • Internet registry publications (EudraCT, clinicaltrials.gov)
  • Clinical study reports (CSR) & narrative of patients
  • Publications
  • Slides, posters & « abstracts »
  • Writing reports following investigations or requests ANSM
  • Analyses and reviews of the literature
  • Writing abstracts and RTU reports
Biostatistics and Data Management
  • Descriptive and exploratory analyses
  • Writing Quality Assurance Plans (QAP) and statistical reports
  • Intermediate analyses
  • Involvement of the biostatistician in CRF development meetings
  • Data integration into statistical paragraphs of protocols
CMC, CMC Variations and Safety for 'Europe and the International
  • Writing 2.3 and 3 modules
  • Alignement of reference variation files with local requirements
  • Analysis of local guidelines and, if necessary, collection / writing of additional CMC or administrative documents (ex. CPP)
  • Writing of Cover letter, Application Form, Comparative Tables, Product Information
  • Coordination of translations
  • Coordination of publishing
  • Dispatch files to local contacts
  • Tracking in databases

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